Houston is such a large city that you’re not going to have a problem finding attractions and things to do. There are hundreds, if not thousands of places of interest for you and your family to choose from. As you plan out your vacation in H-Town, what are you most interested in doing? Think about that, and consider these top things to do in Houston TX that are some of the most exciting adventures that you can enjoy while in the city.

Do you like room escape games? These are trendy and usually in cities that are known as tourist destinations. Being such a large city, Houston has 20 of these room escape games to choose from. One of the best is called Escape Hunt. If you feel like enjoying this type of adventure, make your way to 125 West Gray Street. The entire experience is said to be top notch, so you can expect to have quite a good time. There are different escape rooms there to choose from, including an Apollo 13 Mission and a murder mystery.

The Music Box Theater is the top attraction in all of Houston. It is located at 2623 Colquitt Street, and you are going to be entertained if you show up there. You get to experience live popular music, and the shows are interwoven with comedy that will have you laughing and having a great time. Families can take their kids, too, because the comedy isn’t anything that appropriate for people of all ages. The talented performers will amaze you, and if you’re there during the holiday season, the Christmas show is spectacular according to reviews.

One of the other places I would suggest is Minute Maid Park. It is home to the Houston Astros, and I have a huge affinity for that park. I would go there often to watch the Astros when they were playing my Cardinals. You would certainly enjoy a visit to Minute Maid Park, and a tour of the facilities, if you have time. The park is located in downtown Houston.

One more place of interest is the Rienzi Mansion. Do you like visiting historical mansions? There are so many of them around the country, and they are unique and full of history. The Rienzi Mansion in Houston is located at 1406 Kirby Drive, and the tour of the house and grounds will be lovely. Visit the Rienzi Mansion and the other three suggested attractions in Houston TX if you are looking for a good time.