Are you planning to take the family to the Houston Zoo? It is one of the best zoos in the nation as you can well imagine, and it will be a fun place to explore. What all awaits you at the Houston Zoo, and what all do you need to know before you get there? Let’s see what the reviews say and what you can expect when you arrive with your family ready for a zoo experience.

You can pretty much say that the Houston Zoo is like a small city. How many animals are there? There are over 6000 of them. Almost two million visitors stop by the Houston Zoo each and every year. You are going to find this zoo at 6200 Hermann Park Drive. That reminds me, Hermann Park is another great place to take the family by for a visit while you’re in the area. It will be a great experience and perhaps an opportunity for a family picnic.

Now, are you ready to feed the giraffes? That would be so much fun. The gorilla exhibit at this zoo is said to be a blast, too. There is even a carousel on site, and reviews mention that there are lots of lights everywhere. Prepare to take plenty of pictures while you are there for sure. See the big cats, stop by the reptile house and so much more.

If you are at the zoo during the summer, the Texas heat can be a little brutal, so prepare accordingly. However, the zoo has misters that spray you with cool water, and a splash pad is available for the children. While there is food available at the zoo, they also allow you to bring your own food and drinks if you like, too. If you are visiting outside of the summer season, you might be interested in knowing that the zoo is decorated for Christmas time, and that would be lovely to see with all the lights.

If you plan on visiting both the zoo and Hermann Park, you should know there is a train ride that will take you around the area. You can ride around Hermann Park, and maybe that picnic mentioned earlier would be a great way to end your adventure after you are done visiting the zoo for the day. Enjoy a day at the Houston Zoo with your family, and you guys will have a blast.